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The Music of Marie by Usamaru Furuya

I’ve been reading some of Usamaru Furuya’s works recently, and while I’ve seen only a few, I guess it is safe to say that the guy is really talented. He makes a lot of manga of different genres, and everything is really quite good.

The Music of Marie is probably the best of his works that I’ve seen, and maybe one of the best I’ve read ever. A rather nice mix of melancholic atmosphere alaYokohama Kaidashi Kikou, an intricately-drawn world much like Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and beneath it lies a surreal and even somewhat dark world in which Usamaru-sensei is really good at. In only a couple of volumes, the world is well explored, and we have an interesting take on human limits and our kind of spirituality.

Those who love beautifully-drawn environments, and a good story should check this out.

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