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Impressions on Winter anime this year

Real life’s been a pain in the ass recently. Thus priorities need to be set accordingly, even choosing anime to watch. Because watching anime is serious fucking business.

This season is very weak. Less variety unlike last season (fall 2010) and only a few caught my interest. Basically, this is how I rank these shows based on the first episodes:

Fractale > Level E > Madoka > Hourou Musuko > Wolverine > Gosick > shit »»> Freezing

  • Fractale 

It exudes somewhat a Miyazaki feel in it. However, everything feels like it’s been done before. It even resembles Castle in the Sky in so many ways. We’ll see if this can keep up and offer something fresh in the future.

  • Level E

Surprisingly, with the help of another production, Pierrot would make this a good adaptation of the manga. It’s quite funny.

  • Madoka Magica

Very experimental. Combining quite a dark theme on mahou shoujo could be difficult. Shinbo’s direction can be unpredictably good or bad at times. I dig schizophrenic visuals and Kajiura’s magnificent music though.

  •   Hourou Musuko

Good visuals; I dig the color palette used here. But for some reason, I found most of the show to be overly melodramatic, giving off a ‘pretentious’ feel in it.

  • Wolverine

Iron Man anime was bad, so I lowered my expectations here. Dull plot, but the action is surprisingly decent.

  • Gosick

Characters seems very flat and I don’t think this will turn into something great. But we’ll see

  • Freezing


The only that I might watch is Houkago no Pleiades and Supernatural: the Animation, but I’m not so excited about them. Guess be watching more older shows. 

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